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OPTIMIZATION AND MANUAL SUBMISSION - $249USD (No silly monthly charges!)
Same day complimentary pre-optimization analysis - guaranteed!
Search engine optimization company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada providing small business-oriented optimization and submission services since 1999. Clients and testimonials from six continents suggesting we really are the best SEO company in Toronto, Canada.

Optimization promotes top search engine positioning or placement for your site; manual search engine submission simply means that we manually submit your site to the search engines. The vast majority of submission services do not manually submit your url but use submission software. That is why they can submit you to hundreds if not thousands of search engines. The fact is that these days such automated submissions are reasonably harmless. The rub is that these service provides are one-trick ponies so they convince you that you need to be re-submitted every month and that you should pay a monthly fee for such service. It's silly. Read my FAQ to learn more. The reality is that once you have been submitted, you will never disappear and if you do disappear it will only be for a short while.

The reality is that in 2010 submission is a minor issue. The big engines have the where withal to find you even if you are not submitted. Still, it's prudent to submit and hand submission is just a bit more thorough. But in 2010 the real issue is optimization.

Optimization simply means that we find a niche where you can rank well and attract clients. This is accomplished by tweaking your title and metatags and your submit page content. This is a subtle art but one based on detailed research. There's much more to it than relying upon common sense or just copying the metatags of a well ranking site. Even keyword research using keyword search tools is fraught with peril when DIYers don't really understand how the engines work.
Five steps to better rankings:

> pre-optimization site analysis (complimentary upon your inquiry)

> optimization research

> optimization recommendations (page title, site description, key words, submit page content)

> hand or manual submission

We will thoroughly analyze your submit page, your title tag, metatag description and keywords ensuring you are putting your best face forward. The most important part of submitting your site is simply what you submit. The #1 problem webmasters and site designers make is relying upon common sense when it comes to optimizing their site. Research reveals we all have a different common sense. Optimization involves some subtlety.

Following optimization we will hand submit your site, one search engine, one directory at a time. The fact is that once you are on the big engines you will be picked up by hundreds of engines though most of them are fairly insignificant. In fact, most engines these days just rent their database from the big three engines: Google, Yahoo or BING/MSN.

The service fee for optimization and submission is $249.00USD (have you ever tried to find the cost of a service on the internet - no wonder people are sceptical on internet businesses).

Yes, we are doing this dirt cheap. We want your business. See our testimonials (and forgive this royal 'we' stuff - it's all just me). We want your business.
Important Note: I can really blather on and on. I spent much of my life as a college professor. If you just want to get on with it, look for an emergency contact us link and we can take care of business. If you're looking for a diploma in this stuff just keep reading. Emergency contact us link.
Today's FAQs for August, 2010 (what Penn and Teller would tell you if they knew anything about the search engine business):
Why monthly payments are a tax on your naivete.
How can all these submission services guarantee everyone top 20/30 rankings? Makes me wonder!
There seems to be quite a price variance from one submission/optimization service to another. Why??
Is it the end of free search engine submissions?
Why is manual submission important?
Do I really need to optimize - why not just submit?
Wouldn't it be better to submit to 1500 or more engines?
(How I Found a Cure for Painful Menstrual Cramps) - What's wrong with the automated submission services?
Why should I pay if I can use a free submission service?
The Dao of Search Engine Optimization!
"WOW, ask and you shall receive. Today I woke up early in the morning with a wish to find out why many search engines do not rank our site even though we were a seminal rock band in the sixties. I cruised the Internet and came across a God send. You answered all of my questions, Ken. Thank you! Funny, but after I visited your site, I went directly to my domains to edit keywords and literature on Vanilla Fudge. I now begin to realize the significance of meta tags and Key words. You have helped me more than you know." Bill Pascali, Vanilla Fudge
If you're as old as me, you'll remember Vanilla Fudge as the seminal psychedelic rock band that inspired the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Uriah Heap. Well, they've reformed and gone online! Bill also sang lead for the 1910 Fruitgum Company and has performed with a bunch of name bands.
Visit Vanilla Fudge.
Other celebrity testimonials - click here
A few testimonials from our small business clients detailing why we are the best SEO company in Toronto:
Why small businesses
choose us...Click

"Ken, it is amazing in such a short time we have made great forward moves as we sold a job to California for $16,000.00 under the keyword patio furniture manufacturer they found us with google just this Monday it came in to us and they already fed-ex the 50% deposit check as they need it rushed to them and I was the only one who could commit to a 3 o 4 week delivery as he has some special requests which other companies refuse to entertain and that is one of the niches I offer to separate me from the big boys to try and level the playing field, and I have no doubt that came in due to the new and improved rankings over the last two weeks, just want you to know you have already paid huge dividends due to your expertise and hard efforts, I want to continue with each and every site...."

That was gratifying to hear not just because Jimmy gave me a publishable testimonial but I knew I'd really helped him.

Visit CasualTone.COM

"Your service is personable, timely, efficient, effective, thorough, thrifty. If results are what count, your service is top quality. Thanks, Ken." Richard Campbell, Adventist Music.

We get testimonials on a weekly basis but it's always nice to get one from a church minister.

Visit Adventist Music

"Site has been great getting a lot of orders! Your service and personal care is way above and beyond what I expected. Let me know when you want a testimonial." Vic Sohar, Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse, Ohio.

"Well, Vic, I think that was a testimonial!" Vic was understandably happy after I informed him of two #1 and several other high rankings after just a few weeks.

Visit Lawn Mower Parts
Welcome to new clients from the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Hungary, Japan, Urugary, Malaysia, Singapore, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, China, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Russia,Turkey, Belgium and now Slovenia! More testimonials
Select An Option
Site Analysis,
& Submission
                  The full-service recommended choice. Pre-submission analysis and optimization is absolutely essential for your ranking success. This is followed by the hand or manual submission of your site one search engine and directory at a time.

A two month follow-up to check listings and to resubmit where necessary is included.

Or, you may wish to contact us prior to processing payment.
Not now!! Maybe a year from now.
         Introducing our After-Care Maintenance Program. Many of our small business clients are in highly competitive businesses and have to fight hard for search engine rankings. For those clients we offer an ad hoc aftercare maintainance program. The service includes updated site analysis, optimization, resubmissions as necessary. This service is available for $150.00. In our experience it's generally not necessary to utilize this service more than once a year following the initial submission period.

By the way, monthly resubmissions are neither necessary nor desirable and is a questionable practice still exercised by some unscrupulous practitioners desiring to take your money from you slowly, month by month.

You do not have to include this in your initial optimization purchase (i.e. $249) as it may never be necessary!!

Or, you may wish to contact us prior to processing payment.
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                         This website is strictly about on-page optimization but for your convenience I'm including an add to cart button for off-page SEO services offered at a different website. Click here.

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Old-fashioned service? I'm old enough to remember when they used to deliver milk right to your door. That was back in the early 1950s. The thick glass bottle usually had a thick plug of cream at the top and on Friday my mom always got Vico -- chocolate milk! That was real service back then and I pledge to serve you with similar dedication. Certainly, the nature of the work has changed since back in 1998 when our Toronto-based SEO company was established. Back then, hand submission was all the rage. Now the key to success is on-page optimization and off-page SEO (handled by another site). But what hasn't changed is my determination to treat you like a valued important person in my life. Contact me.
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